Why You Need Gym Pads in a Members Only Gym

Why You Need Gym Pads in a Members Only GymFor many a gym is more than a place to get in shape physically, it's a place to help sweat out the daily grind, a place to let your mind go free from the day to day office chatter and a place to work off that weekend of beer and pizza. OK, so, it's pretty much a place to stay or get in shape. However, the gym itself really needs to be outfitted with the proper equipment to allow people to get the workout the crave. A big part of many people's workout takes place on the ground and against the walls. Here's a few reasons why gym pads for walls and floors are necessary to ensure that all paying gym clientele are able to get the workout they crave.

Floor Exercises

A padded floor area is essential to giving all gym-goers a place to stretch and perform ground exercises. Floor padding is the perfect place for yoga exercises, pushups and planks, crunches and sit ups and other effective floor exercises. Many people start and end their exercise routine on the ground, so be sure to provide every member of your gym a place to do so. Permanent floor pads are made of fire resistant vinyl that is super easy to clean, look great and ensure that nobody ends up having to do their exercises on hard cement or thin carpeting. Another great reason to consider floor padding for your gym is that it can be printed with your logo, and who doesn't love additional branding?

Wall Exercises

Gym members utilize walls to perform a number of stretches and exercises, so a comfortable area to do such is important. Since many gyms are so large they are often made of concrete, which isn't an ideal material to lean against when doing any form of activity. A wall pad provides the perfect area to do wall squats, standing leg raises, body presses and a variety of other physical moves. Same as with floor padding, wall pads are made of easy to clean vinyl and can be printed in any color with or without your gym's logo.

Injury Prevention

Providing as much protection to your gym members is important. Floor and gym wall padding is critical to injury prevention in areas where fast paced physical activity takes place. If your gym as a running area, basketball court, net sports court or offers wrestling style workouts, you have to have padding to help prevent injuries.

If your gym is currently lacking in padding, now is the time to take action so that your members can take full advantage of every square inch of your space. To request an estimate for floor and wall gym padding reach out to Action Wall Pads from Baldwinsville, NY. Our wall pads are made in house and available for installation throughout the northeast US, but we ship anywhere in the country! To learn more about installing gym wall padding in New York or throughout the United States give us a call at (914) 648-4838 today.

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