4 Sporting Facilities that Need Wall Padding

4 Sporting Facilities that Need Wall PaddingFloor pads and wall pads provide protection for athletes, students, audience members and other passerby in sporting facilities. This padding could be the difference between a soft impact and a broken bone, or worse. Any facility in which basketball, volleyball, karate, gymnastics or any number of other sports take place need to have specialized flooring. Here's a look at four facilities in which these pads are likely a necessity.

School Gymnasium

The school gym has many roles. For some schools it doubles as the lunchroom, the ballroom for the winter formal, and the location of the state championship basketball game, should the home team be so lucky. Throughout the year many sports are played in the gym, including basketball, volleyball, badminton, dodgeball, cheerleading, wrestling and others. These are fast paced sports that often have players hitting the wall and the ground. Protecting players should be a priority for any athletic department and wall is a great place to start.

Private Gyms

A workout facility such as a membership gym generally has patrons who enjoy doing floor exercises. Providing a soft area for people to conduct their routines is necessary for client satisfaction and safety.

Martial Arts Studios

Hand to hand sports are growing in popularity. If you run an MMA gym, boxing gym, karate gym or other martial arts studio you will no doubt want to provide floor and wall padding to protect participants.

Gymnastics Facilities

Gymnastics could certainly be considered an art form. While beautiful to watch, it is extremely dangerous to participate in many of the sport's specific events. To help reduce injury from accidents and falls, wall and floor padding is necessary.

Padding is a great protectant for all type of athletics. To keep people and players safe in your facility be sure to talk to Action Wall Pads about installing floor and wall pads in Buffalo, Utica, Albany and throughout Upstate New York and Western Pennsylvania. Our team is committed to excellence. Give us a call at (914) 648-4838 to request a quote for custom wall padding in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding area.

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