Organizations that Need Wall Padding

Organizations that Need Wall PaddingThe need for wall padding is commonly associated with working out. While it is often used in workout facilities, as we explore below, wall padding is utilized by other types of organizations as well. With a variety of uses for wall padding that don't just surround sports training and playing, perhaps your organization could benefit from a padded room? Let's look more at how some facilities use wall padding.

Public/Private Gyms

As mentioned, wall padding it very common in gyms of all types. Wall padding is necessary to help prevent harm, offer space for people training to conduct certain exercises and so on and so forth. Many gyms have padding running alongside sports courts, around equipment and in other spaces to reduce the chances injury.

MMA Training Centers

Martial arts, boxing and wrestling centers utilize padding not just on the wall but on the floor as well. This is necessary due to contestants and those training often end up on the ground during their matches. Padding is the best way to prevent injuries related to to the participation environment.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals, doctor's offices and other medical facilities often have at least one fully padded room. This is a place where patients experiencing certain conditions can be taken so that they are at less risk of hurting themselves.


Schools use wall padding for a variety of reasons. These include padding in the gyms, along stages and for use in padded quiet rooms for students who need a place to go and perhaps settle down.

Padding is a great way to protect employs, trainees, students and athletes in a variety of circumstances. If you run a facility that could benefit from wall padding in Buffalo, Utica, Albany or the surrounding New York areas reach out to Action Wall Pads. We manufacture and install wall padding for all purposes. Give us a call at (914) 648-4838 to request a quote for wall padding in New York.

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