The Benefits of a Padded Quiet Room for Schools

The Benefits of a Padded Quiet Room for SchoolsHaving a padded quiet room, also referred to simply as a padded room or a safe space, can be crucial to some children's needs in terms of mental health, development and for physical safety reasons. Public and private schools can benefit from safety or quiet rooms for a number of reasons, as can the children that utilize them. Here are a few of the top reasons that schools across the country are installing padded safety rooms.

A calming area

A padded room provides a low stimulation area that students can use to settle in or simply have quiet time that separates them from a busy classroom. These areas are a great way to allow the child to manage their own behavior, as they can request to visit the room when they are feeling tired, agitated, angry or when feeling a number of other emotions in which some downtime could be essential. A teacher may also recognize that a student could benefit from a low stimulation area and request the student to visit the room.

Sensory space

Another reason that children and older students may enjoy being able to visit a padded safety room is that they are able to explore their own senses in a space that is removed from other pupils. This may allow them to flourish creatively or to gather their emotions after an unsettling experience.

Crisis management

A child who is acting out may need to visit a padded quiet room to prevent injury to themselves or other students. If a student is having issues keeping to themselves or are posing a danger to themselves or others it may be necessary (with proper consent and observation, to place a child in a padded room.

Padded rooms offer a number of benefits to schools, but it is important that they are properly lined for ultimate safety. If you are looking for high quality quiet room wall padding in Buffalo or throughout New York or Connecticut be sure to reach out to Action Wall Pads. We manufacture our own padding and install padded rooms all over the Northeast USA and ship anywhere! To learn more about our high quality wall padding give us a call at (914) 648-4838. We look forward to working with you.

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