Benefits of Installing Wall Padding in an Interior Public Basketball Court

Benefits of Installing Wall Padding in an Interior Public Basketball CourtMany cities and private owners offer interior basketball courts for residence of their communities. While many people who visit these places just want to shoot some hoops without heavy competition, others are there to dash up and down the court. The latter risk serious injury should they dash outbounds or slide across the floor into a wall, unless they are properly protected. While safety is a primary reason for installing wall padding at a basketball court, it's not the only one. Here's what you need to know about installing wall padding in a b-ball court.

Safer Playing Facility for Athletes

As mentioned, the primary reason for installing wall padding around a basketball court is to protect the players. Wall padding reduces the chances of injuries should a player come in contact with the wall at high speed.

Enhance Appearance

Appearance probably isn't the first thing you think of when you consider the installation of wall padding, but it can improve aesthetics. Will numerous colors available and the option to print logos and mascots in full color, you can provide great looks to any court.

Meet Building Codes

Many facilities are required to have wall padding to meet local and regional building codes for certain facility types. It'd be wise to find out if this applies to your basketball court. Not having pads and ending up with an injured patron could result in a lawsuit if you're required to have them.

Fire Resistant

Wall padding is fire resistant, meaning it can improve the overall safety of your building. While it won't stop or prevent fires, it can help reduce the spread of flames should a fire breakout near the padding.

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